Impact Immune Stimulating Fish Food


Fish in Ponds are subject to much greater stress than in their natural environments. Our EXCLUSIVE "IMPACT" Ultra Premium Koi and Pond Fish food is bio-formulated to help strengthen fish's resistance to sickness and disease.
"OPTIMÛN" is a safe, thoroughly tested and high efficiency Biogenic Performance Enhancer that produces a significant immune response in your fish. SHO KOI's superior quality Koi and Pond fish food combined with OPTIMÛN now provides your fish with a TRUE measure of protection against disease causing micro-organisms and a weakened immune system due to lack of proper nutrition or not feeding during long periods of cold weather.
"IMPACT" provides your valued fish with this unsurpassed means towards improved HEALTH, WELL BEING AND LONGER LIFE.


We are certain that your use of this scientifically formulated food will allow you to see a positive difference in the general health and appearance of your valued Koi, Goldfish, Comets and other colorful pond fish within a relatively short period of time. The addition of OPTIMÛN to SHO KOI's Impact Premium food and our new and exclusive Impact food supplement will now, for the very first time, provide your valued fish with a nutritive advantage over all other fish food products.