Health Benefits of Fish


Nutritional Balance Complete Digestibility
Excellent Health Optimum Growth
Bright Color Proportional Shape
Superior Flotation Water Clarity
Valuable Freshness Disease Resistance
Koi pond owners report that having a personal pond to enjoy at their leisure allows them to relax and reduce the amount of stress that day to day life can cause. Many pond owners share that they feel rejuvenated after spending some quiet time near their pond. Doctor's have begun to voice their opinions about the benefits of having a personal Koi pond. They have witnessed improvements in such medical conditions as high blood pressure, anxiety disorders and some heart conditions. Doctor's have even found that many stroke and heart attack sufferers recover sooner when they have access frequently to a pond for relaxation. It has been proven that a pond can lower the stress hormones and blood pressure. It also increased levels of the pleasure hormone and even energy over time.